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Freed to Lead… What Does That Mean or Look Like?

“FREED TO LEAD” is our new tagline. But what does Freed to Lead really mean for an entrepreneur and small business owner?
Well, here’s a little peek into how we came into our new name came to be… When we rebranded from Cc: My Admin to Bosun, we asked ourselves the following questions: What is our desire for our clients? What are our clients’ pain points and obstacles? How can we put our clients in a better position to overcome their business hurdles?

Bosun - Kids back to school - kind of

So the Kids Are Back to School … Kind Of

New normal. Pivot. Unprecedented times. These are words that are defining 2020. We all thought we would return to “normal” and be back in the office and kids in camp this summer. But now summer is ending and the school year is beginning and we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic.

CC: My Admin is now Bosun

CC: My Admin Is Now Bosun!

You may have noticed the website has a different look and new name. Don’t worry, you didn’t type in the wrong URL. Cc: My Admin has been evolving over the past several years, so we took a step back and decided to re-image what we could look like and offer our clients. In that process, we made the decision to rebrand our company under a new name – Bosun and expand our service offerings.

Get Ready to Be Freed to Lead!