“Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” — Michael Jordon

We are deep in baseball season here in America, and that, of course, is a glorious thing. Great baseball teams have a way of bringing individual talents together toward a common goal. Successful coaches win by putting their most effective players in the best position at the critical moments. It’s fascinating to watch.

Similarly, our most successful clients have figured out that running a business using virtual culture is much like building a deep baseball bench. If you have the right players on your bench, you reap the benefits of diverse talents playing just where you need them, when you need them. It’s simple when you know just how to use the right player at the right time.

Take, for example, the qualities a great baseball lineup bench might have: A great switch-hitter who can play all over. A talented defensive shortstop. A versatile glove. A hard-swinging catcher. A lightning-fast runner or two. And a pinch-hitter who can turn it on just when things get rough.

Now, consider how that might apply in a virtual culture setting for your business. You may have a starting lineup that consists of you and any business partners you might have. Let’s look at who you want on your virtual bench:

  • A great executive assistant who handles emails like a pro has excellent communication skills and knows how to manage your calendar so you get everything in and still have a little downtime. (This may be the player you rely on most often.)
  • A talented writer and marketing mind to handle your social media.
  • An accounting whiz who keeps your books up-to-date and performs collection and payroll duties.
  • An assistant to handle periods of heavy travel when you need more support to make sure your plans become reality.
  • A fearless cold caller who drums up new business follows up on leads and pitches your presentations for conferences.
  • A stellar editor to proofread your written communication, like emails, presentations, and handouts.

It may be that none of these positions need to be “starting lineup” positions for you yet. But as part of your bench, they all perform vital roles for you at the times that you need them.

We’ve seen great teams formed by using our virtual assistants to perform a combination of all of these. We’ve been there to help talk them through what their needs are and when and how various roles can be filled. We are happy to source any and all of these roles for you and our other clients as you need them.

Look, when business owners like you put in virtual assistants in their spots of need, they get a diverse team that can play any role they need. Even better? They can do it in whatever capacity and whatever time frame the owner needs. As a result, more gets done. Everyone plays to their skill. And growth happens.

If there’s anything that is more American than baseball, it’s entrepreneurship. And while we love to cheer on our favorite MLB teams, we’ve found that it’s even more fulfilling to root, root, root for the teams of our clients. We know you have varying needs within your business, and we believe there’s a way to fill them. We would love to help you build a deep bench that will help you score runs (and even championships!) this summer and beyond.

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