CC: My Admin is now Bosun

You may have noticed the website has a different look and new name. Don’t worry, you didn’t type in the wrong URL. Cc: My Admin has been evolving over the past several years, so we took a step back and decided to re-image what we could look like and offer our clients. In that process, we made the decision to rebrand our company under a new name – Bosun and expand our service offerings.

When we started Cc: My Admin, we set out to build a business to help other small businesses scale through virtual assistants who would help balance the workload and allow our clients to focus on growing revenue while only paying for time worked.

Now more than ever, business owners and executives have to continue to manage their workflow while leading. This can be counterproductive.

We’ve had the unique position to see behind the curtain of some amazing businesses and we quickly realized that they needed more than just a great assistant – they needed the same flexibility but across all back-office roles.

We believe that in order for a small business to grow and best insulate itself from recession and economic uncertainty, it needs to have the following:

  • The Right Team
  • The Right Technology
  • The Right Processes

Oh, and it needs to be affordable and offer flexibility based on the rise and fall of revenue.

Now, you may be wondering what Bosun means.

Bosun is a ship’s officer in charge of the equipment and the crew.

At Bosun, we want to holistically solve client’s problems by providing the right remote team members for all back-office roles who can operate your business. New services to clients include implementing and automating technology, such as CRMs, accounting software, project management tools, payroll, etc. and documenting processes around technology and their remote team.

We look forward to continuing to serve our current clients under the new brand and helping new clients to be Freed to Lead!

Want to learn more? Check out our new website or give us a follow on any of our Social Media platforms!


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