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Freed to Lead… What Does That Mean or Look Like?

“FREED TO LEAD” is our new tagline. But what does Freed to Lead really mean for an entrepreneur and small business owner?

Well, here’s a little peek into how we came into our new name came to be… When we rebranded from Cc: My Admin to Bosun, we asked ourselves the following questions: What is our desire for our clients? What are our clients’ pain points and obstacles? How can we put our clients in a better position to overcome their business hurdles?

During this deep dive, we started to identify our clients as the captains of their own ships, masters of their destinies, big dreamers with the ability to take risks! Man, do we love our clients!

But what we also saw were those same pioneers who took their dream and made it a reality, were now so mired in the day to day tasks that they couldn’t unlock their true potential and take their business to the next level. Basically, the CAPTAIN was doing everything on their ship but leading it.

They were in charge of invoicing, constantly checking their inbox, managing their clients’ repetitive tasks, or processing and updating software platforms. Since they spend all their time handling these daily tasks, they are left with little time to make and implement strong, strategic decisions for their business.

As entrepreneurs, our clients are in charge of running their business like a well-oiled machine, which includes hiring the right team to alleviate some of the tasks. At Bosun, we have set out to put the captain back at the helm to be Freed to Lead and take back their time.

One of the services our virtual assistants handle is inbox management. Your inbox is a daily reminder of the list given to you by other people. This is the opposite of what a captain or leader should do.  Bosun will help you find the right virtual assistant to manage your inbox, so you can continue to accelerate your business and reach your goals.

With the virtual assistants and services that we offer, our clients can focus on growing their business and invest in the right technology for their business that will give them a competitive edge. Bosun will help free yourself up without having all the overhead expenses that traditionally comes with the luxury of being Freed to Lead.

Bosun is here to help you have more time to lead in your professional life and explore those BIG DREAMS.
We can’t wait to see what you’ll do!!

“My Course Is Set For An Uncharted Sea”
–       Dante Alighieri

Uncharted Sea - Freed To Lead - Bosun

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