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So the Kids Are Back to School … Kind Of

New normal. Pivot. Unprecedented times. These are words that are defining 2020. We all thought we would return to “normal” and be back in the office and kids in camp this summer. But now summer is ending and the school year is beginning and we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic.

Maybe your child’s school has gone back to in-person classes. Maybe you’ve opted to enroll your kids into virtual learning, or maybe, you won’t have the option to go back to in-person classes until 2021. No matter your situation, uncertainty is the only thing consistent these days. We all thought the coronavirus would be short term, but the unknown of when this will be over has forced us to learn and adjust our professional and personal lives in ways we’ve never had to before.

As a parent, you’re now tasked with balancing your job while teaching and helping your kids with their school work. Juggling the two may bring on a new set of challenges and stresses you were hoping to avoid. But as many entrepreneurs know, adjusting to a new normal is how you grow and evolve.

Outsourcing is a way to alleviate some of your smaller tasks so you can focus more on your larger task to keep your business growing. Consider hiring a remote team member to give you 5-10 hours back to your week to help balance your work from home life.

Bosun is here help you find the ideal team member who can help solve your problems for all back-office roles so can accelerate your business. The remote markets you can hire include marketing, administration, accounting, technology, processes and legal.

Here are some easy roles to implement to start saving you time immediately:

Virtual Assistant: Simple tasks can take up a lot of time. Have someone manage your inbox, calendar, CRM and help with executive administrative support.
Virtual Receptionist: Stop wasting time on calls that don’t move your business forward.
Social Media Manager: Have a consistent presence across all platforms that helps establish credibility & feed your SEO.
Bookkeeper: We see that business owners spend three times the amount of time balancing their books then one of our bookkeepers. Or worse, they neglect their books and don’t have a true understanding of their company’s financials. You can have a bookkeeper, payroll administrator, accounts payable and receivable assistant for as low as $150 a month!

With Bosun, you’re Freed to Lead!

And when your kids are done with school and the workday is done, here are some fun activities the family can participate in!

Bach Yard Play Dates


Play@Home Theater

Virtual Story Time


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